Personal Training

Is your sweat earning you what you deserve? At Modern Might, we believe in taking the guessing out of training.  Leave behind the days of toiling at the gym without progress. The Modern Might approach uses proven science to design a personalized plan tailored to your body. We efficiently and effectively guide you from your initial assessment to your goals, so you can transcend "I wish" and reach your ultimate peak. 

Do You Want to....

  • Lose weight?
  • Get stronger and live longer?
  • Improve your mobility and posture?
  • Boost your cognitive function
  • Improve your sleep?
  • Maximize your performance?
  • Lower your risk for health issues?
  • Optimize your time in the gym?
  • Increase your life expectancy?
  • Spice up your routine?
  • Lower your risk for injury?

Then you've come to the right place! Modern Might is gauranteed to get you there.

Why Invest in Personal Training?

If you want results, you need direction

Would you drive cross country without a GPS? Only if you don’t care whether you get there or how long it may take you. If you want to take your body somewhere, Modern Might can show you the shortest route between you and your goals.

It's the cheapest form of health insurance

Personal training is the ultimate preventative medicine. Studies show that training regularly reduces your risk for almost every major health issue, including heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, and neurodegenrative diseases. 

It optimizes your time

Every minute counts in our hectic lives. Gone are the days of wasted workouts. Let Modern Might help you maximize your moments in the gym. With Modern Might on your side, each minute of your workout propels you one step closer to your goal.

It protects you

We go to the gym because we’re looking for positive results. Did you know, though, that without oversight and direction, your workouts can be hazardous to your health? Modern Might will ensure you stay injury free and that you optimize your movement patterns, so that you can reach your goals safely and swiftly. 

It makes you an expert

How well do you know your body? How well are you able to navigate the gym? Let us be your guide. Modern Might’s team of experts will teach you everything you need to know about fitness and wellness.

It takes the thinking out of Working out

You’ll never have to fumble around the gym again. Let Modern Might do all the thinking for you. Our experts will create a foolproof plan for you. All you need to do is commit. 

Commit to Results