There's nothing like catching the season's first flakes! We at Modern Might love the snow, but we know that winter's white wonderland also has a dark side. Snowflakes aren't the only things that fall during the winter. On average, a whopping 1 million Americans do too.

This has widespread ramifications: it causes people to miss days at work, immobilizes people for weeks at a time, leads to unnecessary pain and inconvenience, sucks our wallets dry, and even costs people their lives. The CDC estimates that in 2015 Americans spent more than $50 billion on medical care to treat falls. An even more chilling fact is that approximately every 11 secs an adult 65 or older is hospitalized due to a fall and approximately every 19 mins one such adult dies.

The bitter reality is that these numbers are only getting worse. As our society becomes more sedentary, increased numbers of us are suffering from preventable injuries at ever younger ages. The silver lining is that we can minimize our risk of accidental injury by becoming "life fit".

Most of us work out for weight loss, aesthetic goals, or sports performance. What about life performance? It's easy to appreciate the tangible results our workouts bring us in the way of pounds lost, but what about the utility our gym habit can provide in the form averted disasters and the ways in which this immeasurably improves our quality of life? It's important that we train for everyday life in conjunction with our other fitness goals by  executing functional, programmed workouts.


What's Functional Training?


Functional training focuses on multiplanar, full body movements that mimic the challenges of everyday life. Such training will prepare you for moments like when you're reaching to grab the shockingly heavy blender from its precarious position in the cabinet just out of reach, while simultaneously cradling the telephone against your shoulder and hugging your squirming toddler against your hip. It also prepares us for life's unexpected perils- like running through slippery snow as we try to catch a cab in order make it to our meeting on time.

Choosing to train functionally doesn't mean we have to give up on our other goals. In fact, structured functional workout programs can help us get better results of all kinds, including weight loss.




Don't become a statistic this winter. Instead, give yourself the immeasurable gift that comes from functional training. You may not know what potential perils you'll face tomorrow, but- if you follow a functional workout program- you can be sure you'll be better equipped to safely navigate whatever storms life hurls your way. Thanks to functional training, you'll be able enjoy the fun of falling snow, without worrying about falling yourself.

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